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Bypass ads for free

This app developer can choke. It seems like ads take precedence over the game itself. Anyway, turn on airplane mode and/or turn off cellular for this app if you want to enjoy it ad-free for free. Screw you voodoo, screw your business model, screw your intrusive ads, and screw your revenue. Greedy pigs


I could not make more than one move without several advertisements for similar mobile golf games, all of which were at least 30 seconds long. Infuriating. Instant delete.

Old days

I miss when games this good had no ads or were just strait up 2.99$


Relax on the ads

Ad overload

The game itself is fun, but the ads are ridiculous! Way too many that are way too long.

Excellent game

Highly addictive game love the way you only two shots

Infinite golf, more like infinite commercials

Don’t mind having commercials, but they are way too long. Distracting to playing the game

Sick game

Great game dude

Too many ads

I watched more ads than actually playing the game...

Too many ads

I understand that free apps have some ads, but this is unacceptable. There’s so many!!

Golf game

Best golf game I’ve played keep up the good work


There is TOO much ads!!!!!! Also the birds are very annoying



Thanks for all of the ads!!

Hit 3 shots in 10 minuets....

Still have adds after paying

Paid to have the adds removed and no change. Still there as they were before. Very upset.

Paid for no ads.... still has 15 second ads

Waste of money...

Great app but...

Too many ads. I get wanting to make money, but this is a simple game. You're just paying to get rid of ads. Not for additional content that I know of. Not willing to take the chance.

Way to many ads

Could be a lot of fun but can’t get into a rhythm when there is an ad every second try. I understand developers want/need to make some money but daggum... I deleted the app after sitting through 5 ads in less than 5 minutes.

Too many ads

The game itself is really cool and 2 balls is really all you need. However, there is an ad after everything you do. I get it for the extra ball and second chance but even if you don’t do them there is still an add


I bought the “no ads” application of the game, and it still gives you ads for an extra chance or an extra ball. Honestly I want my money back, that is absolute garbage, those treacherous swine. Freaking liars. Don’t trust them.

Worst game ever

Concept is ok but they overload the game with ads so you can purchase the ads free version ... stay away much better games out there

Should name it infinite adds

It is a good game on it’s concept. But the amount of adds will kill your motivation in a day or two. This is by far the game with lowest game/add ratio. You will spend 3/4 of the time just watching crap adds.


Way too many ads

The Amount it adds are ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.

The amount of ads are ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.

The ads

It's just ads after ads i don't like that, it wastes my time

Impossible to play the free version, just too many ads

Either pay up or else don't install the free one


It’s fun for a bit but when you start having to get the key it gets really dumb. The key can sit right on the water so you have to hit in the water then have a prayer shot for your only hope. Idk why you would make it so you have to hit into the water or anything ridiculous like that.


Wow. Can’t even get to the first hit without getting hit with an ad. Dial it back on the ads.

The no ads upgrade still has ads

Don’t waste your money.


Okay listen here. I purchased the 2.99 option to delete the ads since they pop up every .24 microseconds. Turns out that the purchase doesn’t even do anything, and the ads S T I L L C O M E K N O C K I N’

Fun if you like mini golf

If you know the game arcade golf neon it’s like that but harder


Nice game, ads are dumb

Hole in one

It’s so awesome I can get So many hole In ones


Way too many ads. Could have been fun. See ya!!!!!

Too many ads

I generally don’t mind ads in free games but this has so many long ads that it’s intolerable to play. Not worth it.

Still getting ads after paying for ad free version

Still getting ads after paying for ad free version

Downloaded, Hit Play, Ad

People normally go too far with ads, but I’ve never seen an ad play before I even play the game for five seconds. The ad played the moment I launched the game. This is a developer that doesn’t care about whether people enjoy their game, it’s just another person trying to make every cent they can at the expense of anyone giving their game a shot. Uninstalled. Don’t need another ad factory installed on my phone.

Good. Could be better

I think the game is good. But I am unable to find how to get different balls or skins


I can’t stand playing this anymore, stop with the f**king ads, no one is going to pay $3 for a pull and release game. Ads pop up after I shoot twice, every time. Uninstalling.

Deleted the app: Too many adds

I redownloaded because I wanted a golf game but remembered how absurdly interrupting the adds were. You might as well watch the add to get the extra shot because you have to watch one anyways if you just tap to continue.

Ad Aids


Fixed orientation is pure dev laziness

Of the easiest and stupidest things you wouldn't include in any app - I should be able to rotate my phone and play the game with the charging port on whichever side is more comfortable.

Ads ads ads

I had to watch 4 ads and I only got to hit the ball 3 times. Waste of time.

Ads in the middle of play

Causes you to lose you turn regardless of a good shot or not. Need to be able the turn sound off on ads as well.


The game is fun but when u shove THAT MANY ADS DOWN SOMEONES THROAT jesus

Fun but tedious

The game concept is awesome. Too much ads that cut the game. Go back to banner ads and that sort of things that can let you play at least 3 times and the a video add.

2 stroke gameplay ruined the game

Back when this game was 3 strokes it was fantastic. You can pay 2.99 to avoid ads “after each game”. If they brought back 3 strokes I’d consider, but as of now the game is broken.


It’s unplayable due to excessive adds


Loaded the game for the first time and went to play. Hit the ball and before I could even see the results of my shot there was an advertisement.

Ads galore!

You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. If you don’t get a hole in 1, its a bogey???? Some of these holes are impossible to get a hold in 1 much less make it in 2.

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