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The Ads

love the game but the hate the ads

Too many interruptions

This should be a good little time waster but unfortunately there are simply way too many ads, and it is simply not nearly good enough to warrant paying to have them removed.

Too much interruptions

Game ads constantly pop up and interrupt play. I will not be back

The worst game ever


Wow got enough ads on here?

Jesus Christ 12 advertisements every couple of minutes. Easy 1 star rating


So many ads not funny 🤮

What a waste of time.

This game has GOBS of ads. I paid the $2.99 to not have the ads, but I am still seeing them. 😒

Ad overload

I wish I could give this app 0 stars... it used to be not as bad, an ad every once in awhile, here and there. Now they have an ad between every single attempt that you play, as well as every time you want to attempt a third shot, which you used to get 3 anyways without needing to watch a stupid ad. This is a horrible game, used to be a good time waster but now it is wasting my time even when I am trying to waste time, it’s horrible and do not recommend.

Too many ads

I get that it’s free but it’s unplayable with all the ads

Too many ads

Ads after every 2 misses

Way too many ads!

I went ahead and paid for the full version, you get three balls, and if you don’t progress after that you have to watch a Videos, and more videos, and more videos,. Even though it was only three dollars, this is a frustrating waste of money.

Like the game BUT

Game is okay and it helps pass the time while I’m commuting but I seriously hate all the ads!


Too many adds

Too many ads

There’s an ad after every retry. And you only have two balls to make it into each hole. So you’re going to be watching a lot of ads.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads.

A potentially fun game utterly ruined by more ads than game.

Need to be able to cancel shot

Once you pull back there is no stopping the release to pause or re-evaluate strategy

Ads much?

Not nearly enough ads.

Absolute trash -- AVOID AT ALL COSTS

This game is the definition of a lie -- the game claims it's infinite, but it's a game with one system in mind: DO WHATEVER POSSIBLE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. The game essentially claims you have infinite chances, and you do - if you either fork out money or wait through 30 second ads after missing one or two shots. This is a system designed to steal your money, don't bother and just avoid the game. I'll be sure to report for false advertising.

Not infinite golf

You can't call this infinite golf with limited balls. Also, you shouldn't have yo wait to hit the ball again.


It was fun for the first two games. But then you get ads. More balls ? Pay to play. Second chance, sit through a 30 second poster. So it’s meh.

Pls read Voodoo

The game is great, but the ad:play ratio is ridiculous. A. Few people would want to pay for no ads and B. Make it like an ad after every 2-3 games or something. Voodoo, your games are good, but your greed for money is what stops them from being great. Tone down the ads and I think we’d all love your games.

Cool easy game

Good easy game to chill with

Used to be perfect

Before the update you used to get 3 tries standard without having to watch an add to score and sometimes 3 tries is needed now they’ve made it to where you have to hit an unlock button just to score waisting a stroke and making you use both of your chances then to also get the different golf balls they’ve made it to where if you choose to go for the new skin you can’t score at the same time forcing you to watch an ad

Ads omg

Unbearable amount of ads. Geez after every round?? Not worth playing unless you buy without ads. I really want to play this game but getting an advertisement that lasts as long as the actual round after each round is extremely annoying. Some people said they didn’t experience a lot of ads... not sure if this is with a new update but the game is simply not enjoyable with the amount of ads I am experiencing. Please let me know when this is fixed so I can play again.

Paid version still requires ads

To get an extra chance or next to ball, you half to watch videos even if you pay for the app. If you do not have cell signal then you do not get the video and therefore do not get the extra chance or ball


Game is a lot of fun but sometimes it creates scenarios that are literally impossible. Sometimes it creates such a hard angle that you legitimately can’t get it to the hole if there’s water in between

Terrible Update

I have loved and played this game for few months now. I played it daily, however, this new update only allows 2 shots opposed to 3. It might not seem like much, but that extra shot makes a world of difference. It is nearly impossible to complete several consecutive levels and it is frankly a huge let down for those who of us who have played the game and suggested it to others. I will not buy another game or suggest one from this company again.

Ok game

The game is actually pretty fun, but WAY to many ads!

As Free Version has Ads

Fun little game. Simple. Plays very well. Very addicting. I really enjoyed it and with some more free time on my hands with a new commute I was playing more than ever. As someone else wrote. Used to be three attempts before you lose, now it’s two. You have a free ball option and a second chance option. Both opened after watching a video. Purchased the ad free version thinking this would remove the ads. Nope. Still need to watch the ads for the ad on. Maybe I’m stupid for expecting my ad free game to not have ads, and I get it. They “unlock” the extra play but then why not make ad free version earn extra play. I purchased it to not watch ads. Deleting the game and currently on hold with apple to refund the charge. If you don’t mind the ads for extra plays then get the game. It’s really well made but don’t buy the ad free version.

Was fun

This game was a blast. I just got the free version and when I originally played, you could lose a couple of times before an ad. And let’s be honest, unless you’re on a hot streak the ads actually last longer than the game play. This was fun, but watching an add after every loss or every time you want to do anything just isn’t worth it.


Every 20 seconds of play, you have to watch a 30 sec ad....what kind of game is that?!?!

This game is fun playing with your friends

When you play with friends challenge your self

Hope you like ads

This game looked interesting, so I downloaded it. Basically it goes like this... Hit the ball twice, watch an ad. Hit the ball twice, watch an ad. If I were more like the game I would have repeated the last sentence a hundred more times. Look, I get it, the ads are what make you the money. And I know I can pay $2.99 to remove the ads. But really, when you are (and I timed it) spending more time watching ads then you are actually playing then I feel there is an issue.

Ads are out if control.

You can’t play the game for ads forcing you to watch videos. Unbearable.

Too many ads, not enough gameplay

This was an interesting concept, but it doesn’t allow enough play time and includes far too many (very long) ads.

Horrible app don’t get it

Just all around annoying! Riddled with ads it’s one thing to make a profit form adds but this company is turning to EA because of this app I am cutting all ties with you and running a go fund me to cut ads with you guys.

i hate you

the are too many fricken ads

Holy Ads Batman!

Sure a certain level of ads is acceptable, but come on guys after almost every shot? That just makes the game unplayable.

More ads than gameplay

Would be a fun relaxing little game if it didn't bombard you with ads. Even the "No Ads" version has ads. You will actually spend more time watching ads than you will playing the game. Digusting shameless money grab.

Don’t download this

Only download this if you really enjoy watching ads... like an unbelievable amount of ads.

Too many ads

There’s an ad almost after every game

The change up in strokes in update

For anyone that’s played the game before there was always 3 strokes without having to watch any ads and now it’s two and you have to watch an ad now for a third, it ruined the game and I plan to uninstall it was fine before but I felt it was ruined.

More ads than game

In between every round is a 15 second, no-skip ad. This game is solely intended as a revenue source, not to be a fun game.

Awesome game!

Such an addicting game to play!

Turn on Airplane Mode to Remove Ads

If you’re tired of the ads, turn on airplane mode. Only complaint about the game is some of the holes aren’t possible with two shots. Some of the holes to the far right with a large hill before it aren’t possible to do in only one shot unless you land on the hole. Adding an option for backspin would alleviate this issue. this is the only gameplay problem I see.

Was great, not anymore

The game was great when you had more than two balls. It was legitimately fun and I could spend a decent amount of time playing. Now, if you mess up a single shot, you’re basically screwed. I sadly had to delete the game because it just isn’t fun anymore.


Stop putting so many adds


Ads ads and more ads. $3 to remove them. Game is ok.

Too many ads

Way too many ads


Way too many ads

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