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Opened app to play for first time, immediately had to sit through two ads for other games. Played one level, 30-second unstoppable ad pops up. App deleted. 3 minutes app time with 8 seconds of gameplay. Be better, game. Be better.

Cool Game

I would like the game but after every time I lose and have to restart I always get an ad never purchasing 2.99 for ads

Commercial simulator

If you plan to play this game without buying ad-free, only expect 2 shots between every ad. This is not a game at this point, it suffocates you with unskippable, multipart ads about other games. What’s the point? Even if you download those games they’re probably flooded with ads too. This Game is absolutely terrible thanks to the ad-apocalypse and I wouldn’t trust it or any games it advertises to be any different. 10/10 “would delete off my phone again.” -IGN

It use to be good

Wow! So many ads it’s ridiculous. I am done playing this game.

Incessant ads

The ads are insane I spend more time watching ads than playing

Fun game but commercials kill it

That many commercials is ridiculous...

Sick ads bro

game isn’t worth playing through all the sellout ads 😴


This game had TOO MANY ADS! Some games have a few which is normal but this game! JESUS CHRIST !!!!!

Too many ADs

Too many ads to be enjoyable. Cut it down about 75% and I could see myself playing a lot more

Good time waster !!!

Fun game...TOO MANY ADS...ONLY 2 chances per whole, and if you miss. Gotta watch a ad EVERY TIME !!

Broken. Just ads

Gameplay is broken. Keeps playing ads. Refund please.

Good game

Good game, love playing it... but the controls are greasy trash. They are inverted!!😤

Terrible ads

Great game but every time you loose a very loud and I intrusive ad splashes on your screen. I expected a calm relaxing game. It is and is great until the ads.

Poor form

Pay the money to remove ads and the game still has ads. I’m getting my money back and finding a new game.


As soon as I downloaded it, I had to watch an ad before seeing the title screen. Every time you touch the screen an ad pops up. I had the app on my phone 2 minutes and about 1:45 of that was dealing with ads. Already deleted or else I would have smashed my phone. I have no idea if the actual game is fun.

Trash update

As others are saying, this was a great game. Update was absolute garbage. Wouldn’t recommend a download unless they return to original.

Too many Ads

Dude, chill with the ads. Even when it says it will give me a second ball or chance (which i know is a way to get me to watch an ad), even if i choose to skip it, I still get hit with An ad. Way toooo many ads, I’m deleting this garbage now lol

Too may ads

Way too many ads. I thought this game would be fun to pull out for 5-10 minutes when I’m bored. I spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game.

Ads, game, dumb- Go with Stick Figure

Don’t waste your time. I got more ads in the first 10 strokes than the ads from the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson had the nip slip. Apparently this used to be a really fun game. Play stick figure golf instead. It’s more fun

This game is garbage


Ad overload

Too many ads Some levels are impossible to get eagle Doesn’t save settings. I have to disable vibration every time I start the app

It WAS fun, now not so much

I loved this game before the update. Having 1 less shot makes it too frustrating. Not to mention the birds that fly at you. That’s never happened to me on a course. DON’T DOWNLOAD!

An ad spammer with a rudimentary game

Take a shot. Make it? Then take another! Miss? Watch an ad. Repeat forever. Don’t reward this lazy garbage.

Terrible after update

The game really went to crap after removing one of your three tries and adding birds just to get people to watch more ads or spend money. Disgusting

Ads ads ads

I get it you’re in the business to make money. But there is legit an ad during and between every game. Not acceptable for such a simple game. The keys and birds are dumb too

Too many advertisements!!!

Seems like it would be a fun game if the advertisements didn’t play every two tries. Deleting after five minutes of gameplay.

Super fun golf game.

I love this game.


The ball is either too slow or too fast on the same marks. Needs more than just hole in one and bogey. Otherwise it is cool. No need for internet o play

More adds than game

Can’t even try the game to see if I like it. You spend more time in adds than in the game. I don’t have time for this. Better luck next time

Avoid it now

Spoiled by less balls and more adds. Money grabbing company gone too far. They spoiled it. Find something else ‘til they make it right

One ad per shot

Way too many ads. Terrible

Too many ads

Too many ads

Too many adds

Too many adds. To long to get to my play


Waayyyyy to frequent. Worst i have seen

Rather Have A Pile of Poop

Do not download. Apps every 5-10 seconds (not a joke in the least), couldn’t get past first level because I was bombarded by 8 apps. I’d literally would of rather download a pile of poop. Real or fake. Either one could be spun into a funny story. But no, I had the misfortune of downloading this app. Awful. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone ever.

Addicting game

Love the game. It’s very easy to play for hours, but the adds are ridiculous. I paid for the game, and still get ads.

Ads are weird

I paid the $2.99 to remove ads but they still offer ads for second chances and extra balls. That seems weird to me. Ad-free should mean ad-free, in my opinion. Don’t offer things for an ad watch AFTER I paid $2.99 to play your game. That’s just greedy...

Nothing but advertising

So this is how this game works. Watch a commercial , take one shot, watch a commercial, take one shot, watch a commercial rinse repeat.

The Ads Kill this Game

This game is actually pretty fun but with full on 30 seconds or more ads every time you get and extra ball or 2nd chance you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. DO NOT waste the $2.99 because it doesn’t get rid of all the ads. Just the ones at the end of each game. So for every game it just eliminates 1 of the 3 ads you will see.


Tooooooo many ads

Trash game

It’s trash don’t get it


I used to love the game but now you are golfing and and a ad just appears and makes you miss your shot and they have added way to may things to try to make it better but they made it worse.

Ads, ads, and more ads.

Opened up the game, tried to shoot one ball: Two ads. Got past them, realized my first shot missed. Shot again, missed: 30 second ad no skip. Tried again, started to get a few holes going. After third hole, didn’t get it in two: two more ads. Uninstalled.

Too many adds

Fun game but the ads are horrible

To many ads

Three ads within the first 45 seconds. No thanks on that. Deleted


This is a great game though there are way to many ads and the remove ads purchasable is too expensive

Too many ads

Game isn’t good enough to pay $2.99, but the amount of ads is rediculous

Looked fun until an add popped up

Pretty unfair review but I didn’t even get to play the game for the first time without an add popping up within the first 5 seconds. Didn’t even get to shoot my first ball. Drew the power meter back and a add popped up. Instantly deleted.


There is an option to pay for no ads which I did. Yet any time you need a second chance or extra ball they play ads.

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